Design consultancy, construction of M&E projects
Design consultancy, construction of Marine M&E projects
Designing, building Marine, Industrial, Soho electrical cabinets and panels
Trading materials, electrical equipment
Trading in ship's cables, industrial and civil cables
Consulting - Design - Implementing - Equipments Supplying Lighting
Partner of major electrical appliance manufacturers

GS Lighting's LED

GS Lighting's LED,GS Lighting's LED, trading and supplying GS Lighting's LED ,12W LED Spike light GSCC12,,9W LED Spike light GSCC9,,7W LED Spike light GSCC7,,5W LED Spike light GSCC5,,3W LED Spike light GSCC3,,3W Stairs LED GSCT3,,2W Stairs LED GSCT2,,50W Underground COB LED GSCOB50,,30W Underground COB LED GSCOB30,,20W Underground COB LED GSCOB20,

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