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Hunter Ceiling FanHunter Maribel New Bronze

Hunter Maribel New Bronze

Hunter Maribel New Bronze

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Product detail Hunter Maribel New Bronze

The ingenuity in every detail of the long-standing Hunter ceiling fan brand is always reflected in products with every detail, perfect balance and great performance. Let's explore Hunter Maribel 50555 below.

Discover the details of Hunter Maribel 50555 ceiling fans

Not only do you want to create a simple ceiling fan, Hunter also wants to inspire your living space through extremely impressive fans, such as the Hunter Maribel 50555 model that both maintains heritage, reliability and quality. Fan's rating is also appreciated.

Made up of 5 propellers, the Hunter Maribel 50555 model is fitted with 2-sided wooden blades. This wood material allows your ceiling fan to be stronger than normal, resistant to friction and especially not easy to dust.

The white ceiling will stand out with the Marible 50555 ceiling fan model

The fan has a length of 132 cm and a tilt of 14 degrees, with a standard size, so that Maribel 50555 can both create a lot of wind and still save power.

Hunter Maribel 50555 is powered by an AirMax® patented engine. The advantages of this engine are:

  • Smooth operation, noise free.
  • Strong and eternal durability.
  • The motor housing is made of stainless steel.

Owning a capacity of 102W but capable of generating up to 5142 CFM, Hunter Marible 50555 immediately provides cool breeze for your space.

Comes with a fan that is a wire switch and remote control included for retail customers when buying and installing Maribel 50555.


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