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Hunter Ceiling FanHunter Satoriny Oil Bronze

Hunter Satoriny Oil Bronze

Hunter Satoriny Oil Bronze

How does this lamp decorate your home?

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Product detail Hunter Satoriny Oil Bronze

Popular ceiling fans installed in the living room, kitchen, bedroom with contemporary design, Hunter Santorini 50648 OB is the perfect choice for your home.

Contemporary design for living space.

Right from the first days of appearing on the market, Hunter has been loyal to the simple but classy beauty. In fact, Hunter ceiling fans can be installed in any interior space because the classic style is not out of style over time.

If Hunter is the classic symbol of the wooden ceiling fan from the United States, today, with continuous improvement, the Hunter Santorini Ceiling Fan is combined with LED lighting to create a highlight for the space. With a medium span size of 142cm, this product is suitable for most living room spaces from 20-40m2. Hunter Santorini 50648 OB has two basic colors, black and brown wood, for customers to choose more suitable to the interior of the room.

Large capacity, power saving

This decorative ceiling fan has a durable engine that produces a moderate amount of wind and makes no noise. In particular, the fan has a reversible adjustment mode with scientifically calculated speed levels to be used both in summer or winter. If in summer, the forward rotation mode creates a cool and comfortable feeling, in the winter, the reverse rotation mode draws moist air from under the floor and pushes warm air from above to create a comfortable feeling. without cold.

Hunter Santorini 50648 OB has a 3-speed gearbox, simple operation by the zipper to ensure whether the elderly, or children can use.


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