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Hunter Ceiling FanHunter Arcort 50647 Grey

Hunter Arcort 50647 Grey

Hunter Arcort 50647 Grey

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Product detail Hunter Arcort 50647 Grey

Hunter Arcot 50647 - contemporary style focused on the space used

Designed and manufactured by the world's leading ceiling fan brand Hunter Arcot 50647 brings a contemporary design style, the safe distance of the fan is 2m3 to the ground. The space used for Arcot 50647 fan must have an open area with a span span of 122 cm and a tilt of the blade of 14 degrees.

Using plywood for five propellers, the advantage is the economical cost of processing, the plywood material is guaranteed by an absolutely supervised production process. Light weight, easy transportation. Hunter Arcot 50647 is also coated with natural wood paint.

The Hunter Arcot 50647 bulb is used as an LED with a toughened glass bridge, providing enough light for your space.

Hunter Arcot 50647 ceiling fans are usually architects combined with simple interiors, the space they focus on natural light, can both cool and decorate the space more impressive.

Modern wind reversal function

Owning the function of reversing the wind, Hunter Arcot 50647 can blow hot air, help the room become cooler by rotating the fan counterclockwise. Conversely when the weather is cold, the fan will operate clockwise, taking hot air from above, helping the room to be both warm and airy. Using a 14W AC Motor and the ability to generate 4090 CFM of airflow, the room will immediately become as cool as the air conditioner.


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