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CapacitorNUINTEK 3P 440V P=14% Reactor for Capacitor

NUINTEK 3P 440V P=14% Reactor for Capacitor

NUINTEK 3P 440V P=14% Reactor for Capacitor

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Product detail NUINTEK 3P 440V P=14% Reactor for Capacitor


Name Code Rated Capacity (KVAR) Price (VND)
Reactor for 10KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L0.6  NSR-L14.442010 10 Contact
Reactor for 15KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L0.9  NSR-L14.442010 15 Contact
Reactor for 20KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L1.2  NSR-L14.442020 20 Contact
Reactor for 25KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L1.5  NSR-L14.442025 25 Contact
Reactor for 30KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L1.8  NSR-L14.442030 30 Contact
Reactor for 40KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L2.4  NSR-L14.442040 40 Contact
Reactor for 50KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L3.0  NSR-L14.442050 50 Contact
Reactor for 60KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L3.6  NSR-L14.442060 60 Contact
Reactor for 75KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L4.5  NSR-L14.442075 75 Contact
Reactor for 80KVAR - 440V Capacitor   NSR-L14.442080 80 Contact
Reactor for 100KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L6.0  NSR-L14.4420100 100 Contact
Reactor for 120KVAR - 440V Capacitor   NSR-L14.4420120 100 Contact
Reactor for 150KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L9.0  NSR-L14.4420150 150 Contact
Reactor for 200KVAR - 440V Capacitor NSR-L12.0  NSR-L14.4420200 200 Contact

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