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Design consultancy, construction of Marine M&E projects
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SINO cabinetCKR7 450X300X150 recessed enclosure

CKR7 450X300X150 recessed enclosure

CKR7 450X300X150 recessed enclosure

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Product detail CKR7 450X300X150 recessed enclosure

THÔNG SỐ KỸ THUẬT CỦA VỎ TỦ CKR6 450x300x150 âm tường

Kích thước của vỏ tủ SINO CKR7 450x300x150

Code Enclosure dimension Panel dimension Mouth size Price
Height Width Depth Width Length Height Height Width
CKR6 400 300 150 242 372 17 398 298 Contact



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