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The Delegation of the East District, Incheon City, Korea visited our company.

The Delegation of the East District, Incheon City, Korea visited our company.

News date: 14-10-2017

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At 18h30, on October 13, 2017, at the headquarters of the HaiPhong Electrical Industry Joint Stock Company, The delegation of the East District, a healthy District-level units comparable to the Gangnam district of Seoul, Incheon City, Korea, was visited.

Despite the tiring journey and a long working day, the Delegation of the East District tried to respond to the warm invitation of President Mai The Truyen by visiting our company. The reception was very formal, intimate and very interesting.

Photo: Korean Guests

The delegation to visit Hong Bang and our company are Typical executives and entrepreneurs of large enterprises operating in East District, Incheon City. Although we do not have official listings, we do not know where they are working, what their responsibilities are, but through their confident, solid and experienced manner, we can feel for sure that they all are successful people. The hidden within each person is an abundant source of intellectual power, which has contributed to the building of a thriving Incheon city in particular and a Great Korea today in general. The reception was attended by President Mai The Truyen and the guests are business leaders from the Hong Bang Business Association, CEO Do Van Dinh, deputy directors Mai Quoc Huy, Pham Trung Kien and department managers.

Photo: President Mai Thế Truyền and guests

After the ceremonial ritual, we introduced ourselves through a very intuitive way of projecting a video with bold, historical, corporate images. The video has strongly impressed the visitors. At the end of the video, the Visitors poses questions as to how long our company has been established. And when President Mai The Truyen responded that our company was established up to now 15 years, they are all admired. For them, the managers of an industrialized country, where bussiness competitions are very fierce, knowing that 15 years, though not long, are years of persistence, overcoming difficulties, showing the market bravery, capacity to survive and to develop. President Mai The Truyen also proudly introduced the outstanding products of the company, traditional Korean partners such as TMC Cable Manufacturer, Insung Enpla Lighting Manufacturer, …  

Photo: The guests expressed their interest in our Company by asking many questions.

Since it was quite late, the reception did not take long. The president kindly brought the guests to the hotel.

It is too early to say that this visit will open a new history for the two sides, but this is undoubtedly the first brick to build a common house for international cooperation, also is the premise for us to expand our partnership with Korean Partners, in order to bring the best products to our customers.

We wish you very well, prosperity. We hope to be real friends, both in business and in life.

Thank you for visiting!


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